The Churchward One-Name Study


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The Churchward DNA Project.

Like many other One-Name Studies, a DNA Project has been set up alongside the normal genealogical research.

Starting in 2010, the Project now has ten members who have all had their male y-DNA-37 tested.

Initial conclusions suggest that :-

1. The Paignton and Stoke Gabriel branches of the surname are probably one and the same.

2. The Buckfastleigh branch has existed separate from other branches for several generations.

3. The Teigngrace branch stem from one individual baptised in 1761, with no connection to any other bnranch.

It is hoped to prove that the Staverton branch started with a "stray" from Buckfastleigh, but no volunteer from that branch has been forthcoming - yet.



The detailed results of the DNA tests will be displayed here (anonymously) in due course.